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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Absurd maths

Image courtesy pixabay
Image courtesy pixabay

THE EDITOR: I am not as skilled in higher mathematics as Prof Noel Kalicharan but as a man of the street I have a lot of common sense instead. And sometimes common sense beats book sense by a mile, not to detract from the renowned

professor who I utterly respect.

The Guyana Government’s argument that 33 is not a majority of 65 lends itself to many other hypotheses which exemplify how sometimes the law can make fools of us, thanks to the wiles of self-serving politicians.

By the same token the logic is that three is not a majority of five so you need four to attain that determination.

Now what happens to three itself? Well if two is not a majority of three as you need an extra one, then three can have no minority in a voting split and furthermore you need all three from three to have a majority. This to me this is absurd logic.

Worse is that the Caribbean Court of Justice needs considerable time to sort out this mind-challenging dilemma.

All I can say is that we in the Caribbean could be fast becoming the laughing stock of humanity.


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