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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Escapees issue video message: ‘We not armed or dangerous’

Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley
Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley

TWO prison escapees still at large, Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley, have issued a video message saying they are not armed and are willing to turn themselves in once they receive "real justice."

On May 15 the two were part of a group of eight prisoners who escaped from the Remand Yard at Golden Grove Prison, Arouca; the circumstances of the escape remain under investigation. Six of the men have been recaptured: Stefon Austin of Erin; Joshua Janet of Brasso Seco, Paria; Mikhale Mohammed of Wallerfield, Arima; Brent Johnson of Five Rivers, Arouca; Atiba Sealy of Five Rivers, Arouca and Kerry Valentino of Quash Trace, Sangre Grande.

Denbow of Dan Kelly, Picton Road, Laventille and Findley of Laventille, both murder accused, remain on the run. The two recently issued a video message from an undisclosed location with Denbow doing the majority of the talking.

Denbow said: "We not armed. We not dangerous. We don't intend to be dangerous. We don't intend to be danger to society no how. We ready and willing to hand in weself (sic). We just want fairness. As soon as allyuh ready for real justice nah boy. Seriousness. Them in authority lewwe try and bring the country back to a calm nah. Lewwe be real. This not right. This not fair."

He said all the authorities were concerned about is putting them back in prison. Denbow explained he was addressing allegations against them made by "well-paid witness (name given);" he made similar accusations in a social media post last week.

AT LARGE: Olatungi Denbow

"It have a $50,000 (reward) for information leading to us, two ah we. That's a $100,000 right? It eh costing the State so much to get somebody to appear in court? Lewwe be real. And she have seven statements–they could use that in court. Because that's the purpose of the statements. So better allyuh use allyuh avenues to locate the witness and save the State some money. Understand? If allyuh really serious about fighting crime in the country."

He continued: "At least three court matters I know about. Close to ten men in jail. That's what this girl doing. Serious penalty over we head. In my matter alone is five ah we for a double murder. Relatives on both sides of the fence waiting on justice. They have they life to live. Lewwe have we day in court sooner rather than later. Please. Mr Prime Minister Rowley we eh hearing from yuh. We eh hearing nothing. Commissioner well put out $50,000 each (the reward was issued by Crimestoppers). We want to hear a reply from you concerning this. And the DPP. He have a big part to play."

AT LARGE: Michael Findley

He said they have serious and good evidence showing that the witness is a false witness but it was not being used in court.

"Lewwe try and get to the bottom of this."

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