Yes, TT still a real place

THE EDITOR: One of my pet peeves is the lack of gratitude and courtesy of many motorists and pedestrians.

However, this hasn’t deterred me from letting motorists out of side roads while in heavy traffic, or allowing people to cross the road once it is safe to do so.

One that note, I am happy to report that a few days ago my experience was very good as the man I let out from the side street next to Fatima College tooted his horn several times and raised his clenched fist as high as the heavens to gesture a warm “thank you” as he passed.

Then no less than a couple minutes later, the elderly woman on crutches outside Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook stopped midway in the road and waved her raised crutch, accompanied by the broadest of smiles while hopping to the other side of the road.

Seconds after the garbage collector that I let cross in front of me to get back to the garbage truck on the opposite side of the street shouted as loud as he could, “Yeah man, taaanks eh!”

So for those of you who keep asking if Trinidad is a real place, I would like to now suggest that we are still in fact a real place.

STEVEN VALDEZ via e-mail


"Yes, TT still a real place"

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