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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Prisons commissioner: No added security for Arouca remand

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson
Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson this afternoon said there will be no extra security at the Arouca Remand Facility, but instead urged prison officers to "go back to basics" in securing cells and inmates while on duty.

Speaking with Newsday, Wilson said there was no need for added security, as he was satisfied with the measures currently in place, and it was the responsibility of prison officers not to become complacent and to remain vigilant while on duty, especially after hours.

On Wednesday eight prisoners escaped from the remand facility at Golden Grove. So far six have been recaptured.

"Security is always there but there will be escapes," said Wilson. "This is not the first one.

"What (prison) officers need to do is not have lapses. They must continue to be vigilant and not take things for granted. Simple things like shining lights in the cells while they are on their rounds can make a difference. You have to go to the basics.

However, he added, "We might look at the perimeter, because as I've said in the past, having remand, which is a minimum security prison, is a bit difficult because it's easier for them to get over the fence."

Wilson hoped prison upgrades would address some of the security concerns at the facility, adding that the prison expansion was still in its beginning phase.

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