Please help pupils of this school

THE EDITOR: All my life I have been an educator. I retired in 2003 as principal of the Princes Town Senior Comprehensive School.

I always believed that a child ought to have a proper place to study and be taught. However, since 2015 the pupils of the Ramai Trace Hindu Primary School have been housed in a temple as work on their new school progressed. It is 90 per cent complete.

The temple is overcrowded and there are no proper toilets for so many children. If you were to visit the temple, tears will come to your eyes.

The children suffer on a daily basis. They begin their journey early in the morning and reach home around 6 pm. Their parents have to readjust to accommodate their children.

I visited the temple and my heart went out to these children.

I beseech and beg those in authority to assist these unfortunate children.

JOE SIRJU via e-mail


"Please help pupils of this school"

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