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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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CoP satisfied with 2nd report on raid at Anand’s maid’s home

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he has received a second report on an incident in which the home of Goomatee Ragbir, a maid employed by former attorney general Anand Ramlogan, was searched, and is convinced the police had necessary cause to visit the home.

Earlier this month Griffith said he had asked for a second report as he felt the first was "rather vague," but speaking with Newsday yesterday, he said he was satisfied with the most recent report and felt the police acted well within their rights.

"This was a planned operation, three weeks prior to the situation of other individuals being arrested. It involved 15 police officers from several different units, so there was in no form or fashion any planned, clandestine act. I met with the police officers and they showed me the intelligence that they had. It proved to be effective."

Griffith also said the police had a duty to investigate all crimes regardless of one's affiliation to a particular person, adding that no one was above reproach or investigation.

"What people are forgetting is that someone was held with planting marijuana and he admitted to it. That is being forgotten by people who are trying to put two and two together to get six. The fact of the matter is that intelligence was gathered, it was accurate and someone was held. The police service – I do not know if people feel because someone is related or might be an employee or a friend of any high profile person, it gives them some immunity: it does not work that way."

On May 1 Ramlogan and former senator Gerald Ramdeen were arrested by the Anti Corruption Investigations Bureau and later charged with conspiracy to contravene Section 3 of the Prevention of Corruption Act; conspiracy to contravene Section 45 of the Proceeds of Crime Act; and conspiracy to misbehave in public office.

Days later the home of Ramlogan's maid was searched and her son Kevin Ragbir arrested for marijuana possession.

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