Rat problem under control at Inverness

THE Ministry of Education has said the rat problem at the Inverness Presbyterian School, Barrackpore, is under control.

This in response to reports by the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) that rats were running through the classrooms, eating paper and leaving their droppings on desks and other surfaces.

The PTA said this has been an ongoing problem for over a year and expressed dissatisfaction with the measures taken by the public health department of the Penal Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC) to deal with the rodents.

The PTA asked for the school to be shut down for a few days to allow a professional exterminator to come in and take care of the problem, even offering to foot the bill.

The ministry acknowledged that there was a sighting of one rat last Thursday, and on Friday the school was closed early for the public health department to come in and bait the premises.


"Rat problem under control at Inverness"

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