Rambharat: Prison escape a sensitive matter

Clarence Rambharat
Clarence Rambharat

AGRICULTURE Minister Clarence Rambharat said the escape of eight prisoners from the Remand Yard at Golden Grove in Arouca remains a "sensitive" matter and he would not be able to disclose any information.

He was responding to an urgent question from Opposition Senator Wade Mark in the Senate on Wednesday on the circumstances that led to the escape.

Speaking on behalf of National Security Minister Stuart Young, Rambharat said the escape took place very recently (reportedly between Tuesday and Wednesday).

"It would not be prudent at this stage to discuss anything relating to the circumstances of this escape. I am sure at the appropriate time, the Minister of National Security would provide information to the public and, for now, all arms of national security are working together to recapture the escapees."

Mark asked when the prisoners escaped from custody but Rambharat said he was not in a position to answer that question.


"Rambharat: Prison escape a sensitive matter"

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