Ganja cause of crime upsurge?

THE EDITOR: Smoking marijuana is reportedly a pleasurable experience. You feel euphoric. You can take on all the difficulties in the world. Is this the reason that marijuana is constantly being smuggled into the prisons? To ease the pain of being incarcerated?

Some people are known to become violent, depressed, aggressive when they smoke marijuana. Is it possible that the long-term use of marijuana can alter a society? Is marijuana use part of the reason for the crime upsurge in TT?

Are we contaminated by overuse of ganja? Why the upsurge in crime? The short-tempered behaviour? The domestic violence? The murder and mayhem? Is marijuana now part of our DNA?

Will we have an upsurge in accidental deaths because of diminished responsibility? Marijuana is a drug. How will the police measure overuse?

Ask yourself this: if you cannot relax and feel good without smoking marijuana, are you addicted? Are people who use marijuana as part of their religion exempt from police intervention if they become euphoric?

Will marijuana be sold with the usual label warning: Smoking can be injurious to health? Will marijuana be legally available to children under age 18?



"Ganja cause of crime upsurge?"

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