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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Reported escapee found in cell, photo of new escapee released

One of the prisoners reported missing this morning has been found in a cell, while another man, Michael Findley has been reported missing.

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson confirmed Belgrove, who is a murder suspect, was still at the Arouca remand facility, after a last-minute switch yesterday.

Michael Findley

He said while Belgrove, 24, was placed in another cell, Findley, another murder suspect, was the eighth inmate on the run.

Wilson also said the inmates appeared to have removed a brick and cut one of the bars from the inside of the cell.

"It appears they planned this in advance and some inmates even fasted to lose weight in order to fit through the hole. I saw the hole myself and it was very small."

Wilson also said part of the problem was the overcrowding of prison cells, where there would be sufficient manpower to plan and assist in such an escape.

"We can't keep all the inmates in the maximum security side of the prison due to the sheer number of them. Ideally, there are only supposed to be three inmates per cell but we often see up to eight in a cell where they can assist each other in cutting a bar or so on."

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