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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

When you get what I’m saying, whistle

THE EDITOR: At the very least, one can applaud the fact that, if anything, the Opposition is consistent. And although the hopes of many have been dashed by the near predictable vote against the proposed whistle-blower legislation, it really should not be a surprise to anyone who has been following proceedings in Parliament for the past three years.

In spite of a lengthy spell before a joint select committee, the bill has not only been found unworthy of opposition support, it has been cast as some ornery villain in a Soviet-era whodunit; some tool designed by Stalin, Orwell and the Devil himself to create havoc in communities as neighbours trip over each other in a mad dash to police stations everywhere.

What should have been viewed as a slam dunk in a society plagued by (at the minimum, the perception of) corruption, has now instead been cast on the heap, alongside the corpses of the other pieces of legislation that the Opposition hitmen have executed in the name of “perfect legislation.” (Truth be told, I liked you all better when you were trying to take credit for the AG’s work.)

In the meantime, criminals continue to practise their craft as if it is business as usual and the honest citizens of this country are left to wonder “what if” as it relates to any number of unsolved crimes.

Who knows, we may well have robbed ourselves of the opportunity to finally provide closure to the families of Akiel Chambers and Asami Nagakiya. And if saying that out loud does not make you want to whistle, then God save us all.

G ELIAS, Cascade

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