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Friday 23 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

People, have consideration

THE EDITOR: I live in the West, in a community that is by most standards a wealthy and privileged one. Part of that privilege is that every household has the means to afford the installation of water tanks.

Granted, as with a recent newspaper story, 16 tanks do not guarantee a constant water supply. However, such ownership should neither guarantee uninhibited use of water in using sprinkler systems and hoses to water lawns and plants and to wash down the yard.

I am aggrieved at having seen such wasteful use in my area.

An opinion from a respected columnist in an article on the drought expressed pride over those who, while brushing their teeth, turn off the tap when the water is not needed. I had assumed that that is normal behaviour. Just as I assume we learn from the past and build on lessons learned. I hope most of us do.

I know people who cannot do laundry during the day and who must wait on the water schedule and on the late-night availability of sufficient pressure in the line to get a load of washing done.

Consideration of the needs of our fellow citizens matters. A devil take the hindmost attitude is not what any nation should adopt.

BRENDA DE SILVA via e-mail

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