Grieving woman leaves hospital before removing five bullets

File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.
File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.

WITH five bullets still lodged inside her from Sunday’s shooting at Tarodale, Andrea Yusuff became so emotional last night when relatives told her of her boyfriend's death that she discharged herself from hospital.

But today, according to a close relative, the 25-year-old mother of two returned to the San Fernando General Hospital after suffering severe pain. She is warded again in a stable condition.

The relative said, "Andrea signed papers and left the hospital last night after the family broke the news. She thought Ryan (her boyfriend) was still alive and getting treatment in the hospital.

"She has about five bullets – in her left hand, right foot and left the side of her collarbone. Doctors are hoping for the bullets to come to the surface of the skin to remove them."

Yusuff, her 27-year-old boyfriend Ryan Alexander, and her two children, seven and three, were ambushed and shot at in the family’s car at about 11 pm in front of her home at Tarodale, near Ste Madeleine.

Alexander, who lived at Rushworth Street in San Fernando, was the father of her younger son.

The boys were not hit but doctors had to remove glass splinters the boys' bodies that came from the windscreen and windows shattered by bullets. The splinters hit them as they sat in the back seat.

The family was taken to hospital, where Alexander died shortly after arrival.

Relatives told Newsday they did not immediately tell Yusuff of Alexander's death in case it worsened her condition.

The traumatised boys are staying with other relatives who said they intend to seek counselling for them.

Police from Ste Madeleine and Homicide Bureau Region III are yet to establish a motive.

An autopsy is expected to be done today at the Forensic Sciences Centre at St James.


"Grieving woman leaves hospital before removing five bullets"

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