900 Trinis overstay US visas in 2018

In financial year 2018 (from October 2017 to September 2018) approximately 190,000 TT citizens visited the US legally.

Of that number, more than 900 overstayed their time.

According to the US Homeland Security's Fiscal Year 2018 Entry/ Exit Report, 88 TT citizens with student visas overstayed, while 811 people with nonimmigrant (tourist) visas overstayed.

An additional 76 TT citizens described as "other in-scope nonimmigrant cases" also overstayed.

Of that 811, 728 are suspected to still be in the US and 83 left after staying past the authorised period.

The document defines an overstay as a nonimmigrant who was lawfully admitted to the US but remained beyond their authorised period.

The report identified two types of overstays, those with no recorded departure from the country and those who left the country after their authorisation period expired.

The report says identifying overstays "is important for national security, public safety, immigration enforcement and processing applications for immigration benefits."


"900 Trinis overstay US visas in 2018"

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