Caleb Hart launches album, 11

Caleb Hart performs at Jazz on the Waterfront in Scarborough last month.
Caleb Hart performs at Jazz on the Waterfront in Scarborough last month.

Tobago-bred singer/ songwriter Caleb Hart released his album titled 11 over a week ago at Kaiso Blues Cafe at 1D Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

Hart was a huge hit last month at the Jazz on the Waterfront event, the curtain raiser for the 2019 Tobago Jazz Experience.

In the relaxed venue, which resembles any idyllic jazz and blues cafe across the globe, Hart and guest performers Marge Blackman, Isaac Rudder, Kervern Carter, Nex Chapta, Solman and Xavier Edwardz gave an eclectic range of performances. Lovers of soul, soca, reggae/island soul, hip-hop, as well as a more acoustic vibe were all satisfied by the line-up.

Asked about the name of the album, Hart, who grew up in Lambeau but was born in Canada, said the album was named 11 because it has been his favourite number since childhood. "Then, when I met writer, producer and music engineer Track7 and we started talking about frequencies and the meaning behind numbers – that was it."

He said this in reference to the number 11 in numerology being said to represent visionary power, creativity and empathy. "We had an idea and it hit like euphoria and that was it – 11."

Hart said the album started taking shape in December 2017 and the 10-month project, which ended in October 2018, was one which captured parts of his life.

Caleb Hart's album, 11, on a removeable drive.
Photo source: Caleb Hart

"The song Trust Me was written after my girlfriend and I met. We had really hit it off then we got pregnant soon after. But there was no question about keeping and raising our baby to the best of our ability, no matter what." He said the song was written as a gesture of dedication to her and their then unborn daughter, Nova Castara Hart.

"I can't choose one song which I'd say is a favourite or stands out most because I put a different slice of my heart in each." He said Empress is another song which holds a powerful message.

"I love honouring women, I think they are the reason we are alive. Women keep the world going around in the bet way possible. This was the first song we worked on for the album."

Caleb Hart and a well wisher after his album launch at Kaiso Blues Cafe last Saturday.

Asked about the energy at his album launch and what people can anticipate him doing in the near future, Hart said, "I felt amazing. I think the energy was great, starting off nice and slow which is expected. The special guests were out of this universe in my opinion. I think I chose the best six I could have and it flowed just like the water in Castara."

Hart said he is ready to go to Canada as part of his album tour. "I am ready to let the world know about 11 by Caleb Hart and Track7."

11 is available on all music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify.


"Caleb Hart launches album, 11"

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