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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Move old cars please CoP

THE EDITOR: Not for the first time, the residents of Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, have been asking the West End Police Station to remove the half dozen derelict vehicles they have placed on the roadway on the Wendy Fitzwilliam Diamond Boulevard, just outside their police station.

The station’s yard looks unsightly with the wrecks parked on the compound and now that they have run out of space on the inside, they have taken to parking those derelicts on either side of the roadway outside the station for well over one year.

Pleas to the authorities at the station and letters to the newspapers to have that situation corrected have fallen on deaf ears.

We are calling on Commissioner Gary Griffith to do for Diamond Vale what he did for the playing field at the St James Barracks just after he assumed office and remove those unsightly wrecks from continuing to despoil the entrance to this housing area.


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