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Friday 23 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Criminal or civil fraud – DPP’s call

THE EDITOR: The DPP has the discretion to refuse to proceed with a criminal fraud charge when the evidence will not support it. The AG would then have the discretion to pursue civil fraud.

The “downgrade” would not be corrupt and the work would now be handled by civil non-DPP lawyers. From here even in normal circumstances, it can become very expensive if the fraud is complex. It becomes a question of using one’s best discretions.

Wastefulness is corrupt in the sense that it diverts pointlessly; but we have yet to see how spending to “disproportion” levels is to be punished.

Meantime what has happened to the information and material that got Dana Seetahal assassinated? Are they intact? Are cases suspended? Have they been derailed in some way? How has the US been co-operating? She was killed a few days after the Barack Obama envoy William Brownfield visited Trinidad, who later said a foreign group called for the murder.

E GALY via e-mail

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