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Friday 23 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Body cameras a solution

THE EDITOR: Here we have another incident where the citizens are saying one thing and our police service saying differently with the killing of a teenage girl in Carenage. This took place with the exchange of bullets between TTPS and some individuals in the area. This is one of the several events of this nature over the years, one side accusing the other with no one really knowing what really took place.

I believe the previously proposed body cameras to be worn by police in the line of duty can provide a solution to this problem. Our Commissioner of Police Mr Gary Griffith did say that funding at this time might be an issue because the cameras are costly. However, while I do understand the present financial predicament, purchasing these cameras is crucial.

We seem to be finding money to do a whole lot in the country – extensive highways costing millions upon millions for example – but we cannot find cash to show the truth when innocent lives a being taken violently. How will justice be served or how can there be fairness to all if there is no proper evidence which these cameras can provide?

As a concerned citizen, I am saying we need to do better than this, we are talking about the lives of citizens. Also, our officers need to be treated fairly and the cameras will do just that.

To those in charge and responsible for releasing the finances, look at this again and put it high on the priority list. I believe everyone should be treated fairly both the citizens and the TTPS and in so doing we can building confidence of our much-needed police service.

I suggest that, for a start, purchase a limited supply and let officers going on raids, those confronting large angry crowds, searching promises etc use them. At least start somewhere and expand, I await some type of action let’s work together for a better TT.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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