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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Towards a just, moral society

THE EDITOR: TT cannot and will not be a progressive, prosperous, safe and beautiful country if we continue to support amoral politicians and a culture of injustice.

Lawlessness pervades our society and is unlikely to be rooted out by politicians and supporters that strive on the maintenance of a system that encourages citizens to benefit from illegal activities.

Additionally, there are the immoral acts that allow politicians and their supporters to offer jobs to unqualified friends and family, contracts to businesses that offer kickbacks to individuals and overpriced projects that benefit the few. Rather than seek to end this practice, many politicians are campaigning for their turn to continue along a path that can eventually destroy the very fabric of our society.

In Grand Chemin, Moruga, there is a resident who boldly fenced in an area of land that once housed the Grand Chemin Recreation Ground’s pavilion. This is in full view of all and there is no action by the State.

The view from the Maracas lookout on the Lady Young Road is obstructed by the construction of food sheds erected to serve commuters with no water supply or toilet facilities.

Along the Mucurapo Foreshore the mangrove is being cut to facilitate the construction of shacks that threaten to make the foreshore a shanty town.

Over 70,000 acres of land once owned by Caroni and millions or perhaps billions of dollars’ worth of real estate of Petrotrin are being managed by appointees of the State and the citizens have minimal information about what is happening to the properties or what has happened to the land.

The State continues to pay in US currency for water that was originally to be used and paid for by industries in Point Lisas.

The State is required to pay for the construction of an overpass in Curepe and acquired lands that is costing taxpayers millions and will have very little effect on the traffic situation along the east-west corridor. A corridor that is served by three major roadways that can never be converted into a major highway.

From the illegal quarrying that is ignored by the State to the billions lost to illegal occupation of state lands, from the illegal construction of jetties and landfills along the coast in the Carenage area to the payment for unoccupied office rental, from the payment for a wrecking service that could be supplied by the State to the transportation of prisoners by private contractors rather than the prison service, the questionable management practices permeates.

Such is the culture of immorality and decadence that has brought our nation to this point of increased criminal activity and hopelessness.

The solution cannot come from the people who have been comfortable with the lawlessness that is obvious to the many. A third force comprising moral men and women that awakens the morality of the many is the solution for a better TT.

We the people must unite and look beyond the attraction to personal benefit for our nation to emerge from lawlessness. We cannot continue to vote for people who offer millions to the few while failing to supply basics like beds for our hospitals or water to the many that live in our rural communities. It does not cost billions to buy beds or to repair our roads.

The Diego Martin river is so overgrown that the shrubs that once shot out of the walls of the rivers are growing into trees. A few days’ work with a backhoe and truck on a regular basis can ensure that the structural integrity of the river is saved for generations. Yet this is ignored.

Change is now necessary as continuance of the same will destroy our nation. I am appealing to all our citizens to join with me in offering our people the opportunity to elect personnel who can rescue our land.


political leader, DPTT

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