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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Leak repaired on Rosalino St

THE EDITOR: In reference to a letter to the editor published in the Newsday on Friday under the heading “WASA really serious about saving water?” the authority wishes to note that the leak reported on Rosalino Street, Woodbrook, was repaired on Thursday.

The Authority wishes to apologise to this and other customers who may have had a long hold while trying to contact our Customer Call Centre, which was due to excessively high call volumes particularly during this harsh dry season. It should be noted that the authority has since deployed additional resources, in order to increase the call handling capacity of the centre.

WASA also wishes to point out that it has instituted measures to improve its response to leak reports, in a bid to reduce the number of leaks along its pipeline transmission and distribution systems. To this end, the number of reported leaks in the southern region has decreased from over six hundred (600) to approximately one hundred and fifty (150) and in the northern region from over twenty-two hundred (2200) to approximately twelve hundred (1200).

Corporate Communications Dept


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