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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Community Leaders of Port of Spain

 Kwame Weekes will be a Close Male Relative in Caricomedy's Community Leaders Stand Up Comedy Show.
Kwame Weekes will be a Close Male Relative in Caricomedy's Community Leaders Stand Up Comedy Show.

DIGITAL media comedy group Caricomedy is throwing its first stand-up comedy show called Community Leaders of Stand Up Comedy at Central Bank, Port of Spain and Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA), San Fernando on May 12 and 19 respectively.

Caricomedy is best known for its Facebook page that produces funny videos online, often filled with social commentary and satire.

Denith McNicolls, co-owner and artistic director of Caricomedy, describes Community Leaders as a stand-up comedy show which is not just a space to make people laugh but a show that will critique the country's crime situation.

"We don't always do super serious, deep message things, but we think comedy is a good way to let the public be self-reflective. Based on what is happening right now in the country, the term community leaders has been used in a way to mask reality. So we felt that would be a good title for the show. This show is something that is a little outside of the norm for us," McNicolls said.

Kevin Soyer is the Chaguanas Businessman at the Caricomedy Community Leaders Stand Up Show.

Caricomedy had two previous shows called Love, Sweat and Basmati Rice and Caricomedy Live – How to Trini. Both shows had sketches, videos and stand-up performances. However, this show is strictly a stand-up comedy show.

Five comics will adopt the different persona of characters involved in the crime hot spots. Thaddeus Jardine, also known as Thaddy Boom, is the Big Fish. Gervail "Jr Lee" Lemo is the Good Boy. Jerome Richardson is Mammy Nice Child. Kevin Soyer is the Chaguanas Businessman, and Kwame Weekes will be a Close Male Relative.

Gervail "Jr Lee" Lemo is the Good Boy.

McNicolls said each of the comics will tackle various issues around crime and the society we live in.

"Thaddy is from Never Dirty in Morvant (a crime hot spot in the country). I expect that apart from the show being hilarious, if people take the time to listen to the jokes, contextualise them and think about them within the context of Trinidad, there are usually a lot of lessons to be picked up on," he said.

Their last show, Love Sex and Basmati Rice sold out in SAPA and was almost full in Queen's Hall, St Ann's. McNicolls expects the same turn out.

Jerome Richardson is Mammy Nice Child.

But don't expect the full cast from Caricomedy on the stage. They will be there on the day, but mostly as ushers. McNicolls said those actors are sketch-based, and this is a pure stand-up show.

"We decided to give the people who mastered the craft an opportunity to shine. Caricomedy isn't just sketches but the entire spectrum of comedy," he said.

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