Young: Police can’t stop domestic killings

National Security Minister Stuart Young. 

Photo: Sureash Cholai
National Security Minister Stuart Young. Photo: Sureash Cholai

WHILE the country reels from several recent domestic killings, the Minister of National Security has said the police are powerless to stop such tragedies.

Yesterday Newsday reported Venezuelan mother Katherine Diaz being stabbed to death by a male relative; Liz Ann Forester and her parents severely chopped by the woman’s estranged lover; and SRP Kelly Ann Humphrey fighting for her life after being set alight by a Coast Guard officer.

In the House of Representatives, Naparima MP Rodney Charles, in an urgent question, asked Minister of National Security Stuart Young if he was satisfied with the Government’s crime-fighting initiatives, given a recent spike in murders. Young said the Government takes crime very seriously and again promised to curb bail for those caught with illegal firearms. But on domestic killings, he lamented, “Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, these can’t be prevented by any crime-fighting initiative.”


"Young: Police can’t stop domestic killings"

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