New Dharmacharya congratulated

Dr Rampersad Parasram.
Dr Rampersad Parasram.

COUVA South MP Rudranath Indarsingh has congratulated Pundit Dr Rampersad Parasram on his appointment as the spiritual leader and Dharmacharya of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha.

In a media release yesterday, Indarsingh described Parasram as an excellent guru who possesses the spiritual gift of leadership, and a life coach and who can guide his devotees and fellow citizens through the problems and trials of everyday life.

Parasram succeeded another spiritualist, His Holiness Shri Uttam Maharaj, who died in November last year at the age of 70.

“Pundit Parasram comes from the very illustrious Parasram family of Mc Bean in central Trinidad and he has followed the footsteps of his father, the late Pundit Parasram and late elder brother, Dr Pundit Samsundar Parasram,” Indarsingh said.

The newly-appointed leader is a retired chief medical officer, a former chairman of the North West Regional Health Authority, a former director at the Eastern Regional Health Authority and the first chairman of the United National Congress.

Indarsingh said, “He continues to fulfil his own mandate to spread the word of Sanatan Dharma and is the head of the Pundit Parasram’s School of Hinduism in Couva. He is also the spiritual leader of the Lower Mc Bean Shiv Dvadas Jyotirling Mandir in Couva.”

The MP said Parasram is one of the most respected figures in the Hindu community. He believes that as Dharmacharya, Parasam would continue to play a pivotal role in shaping opinions, attitudes and behaviours in the Hindu community and across the country.

“On behalf of all the people of Couva South who hold the new Dharmacharya in the highest honour and esteem as the spiritual leader of the Exchange Shiv Mandir, I extend my very best wishes to you PunditJi.”


"New Dharmacharya congratulated"

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