Duke blasts Charles over murder rate

Minority Leader 
Watson Duke.
Minority Leader Watson Duke.

THE Tobago PNM Council is calling on Minority Leader Watson Duke to issue an apology for his statements on the recent double murder of John “Joker” Mills and is common-law-wife Eulyn John on Wednesday night.

The couple was discovered bound, gagged and stabbed in the master bedroom of their Cocrico Avenue, Buccoo home around noon on Thursday.

In a two-minute video, Duke called on Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles to “put on sack cloth and ashes, bow his head, walk Pigeon Point to Pigeon Peak, wail and ask Tobagonians for forgiveness, before resigning.”

Duke added, “Imagine we have just started the fifth month (of the year) and we already have five murders in Tobago. I am dreaded to think what will happen for the next few months. Mr Chief Secretary, what is your crime plan, you have none? You previously said crime is a matter for central government but you ought to have a say. “Where is the plan that will lead to economic sustainability, that will lead to employment, high productive and to ensure persons have something to live. What is the plan to protect our borders and to ensure the police (perform) in a manner to suit Tobagonians? Are you still saying it is a Trinidad issue and Trinidad has the only say?” Duke sent condolences to the family of the deceased, and added, “He (Charles) has a mouthful to say on matter of Sandals, on styrofoam – things that are not important to Tobagonians – I am calling upon you to do the honourable thing, put on the sack cloth.”

In response, the Tobago PNM Council stressed that such a tragedy must be dealt with in a sensitive and humane manner. It described the Minority Leader’s comments as “distasteful and frivolous attempt to viciously politicise the murders of Mr Mills and Ms John.” It stated “a family’s grief must never be used as a vehicle upon which political mileage may be obtained.

The island’s sorrow must never be scandalised to suit the agenda of an insensitive zealot.” The Tobago Council called on Duke to apologise to the grieving family and all of Tobago.

“This repeated manner of reckless and callous conduct should never be tolerated. Criminal behaviour begins where reckless behaviour goes unchecked,” it said.


"Duke blasts Charles over murder rate"

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