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Friday 23 August 2019
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Pundit accuses police of targeting, intimidating Indian community

Pt Satyanand Maharaj
Pt Satyanand Maharaj

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj is accusing police of targeting the Indian community with intimidation tactics as a part of a political strategy to serve the political directorate’s agenda. He describes it as a growing and disturbing perception.

In a post on his Facebook page today, the Spiritual Head of the Satya Anand Ashram Temple of Truth and Bliss in Aranguez, sought to support his claim by referring to yesterday’s raid in Gulf View, La Romaine by Special Operations Response Team police.

"The raids at seven homes in Gulf View of only Indian business members is glaring and worrisome. The police traumatised the entire community as they raided the homes without warrants and in a hostile and aggressive manner."

He accused police of kicking down front doors, ransacking homes, traumatising residents and causing the elderly to fall ill. The police have also been accused of preventing homeowners from entering their premises and causing "general embarrassment of a decent community."

"We note there have been no similar police raids in the communities of the one per cent in Westmoorings or Glencoe where there have been allegations for years regarding the drug trade in TT.”

He referred to the recent raid at Hindu-owned media house Radio Jaagriti as "unprecedented" saying police did it "without a warrant on the politically motivated charge of sedition."

Maharaj also accused police of clamping down on protests regarding water and road issues in predominantly Indian communities.

These “attacks” on the Indian community, he said, have increased in Indian Heritage Month.

Maharaj said a picture is emerging that the Dr Keith Rowley-led Government is now prepared to use the police as a tool to intimidate the Indian community as the general election draws closer.

He said Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith owes Gulf View residents an explanation and apology immediately.

"The Commissioner of Police was quick to apologise to Buju Banton when the police bungled a raid on his hotel room. A TTPS press release was issued with the Buju Banton and Jaagriti raids immediately, yet hours after the Gulf View raid on the innocent residents there has been no similar apology."

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