Workers in May Day march

THE nation’s working class was yesterday put on notice that the labour movement is not dead and this will be driven home at a mass rally on Labour Day, June 19.

This from OWTU leader Ancel Roget who told hundreds of supports at the annual May Day march in San Fernando that “had we not come out in the rain and sun today, tomorrow we would have gotten blows from the powers that be.”

Police estimated the crowd to be about 1,500 at the march which started at the OWTU’s Paramount Building and ended at Harris Promenade where Roget spoke.

On the arrest earlier yesterday of former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and UNC Senator Gerald Ramdeen, Roget said, “All I have to say about the distraction that took place this morning is that there are many more to be arrested both in the UNC and the PNM.”

The one who took away the jobs of 5,000 workers (when Petrotrin was closed down), he said, should not be free but rather arrested and thrown in jail. “That was a crime against humanity, a crime against community because no one knows how these workers and their families are living.”

The Petrotrin story, he stated, is far from over and in the near future it will have an effect on TT’s story going forward, he promised. “Our forefathers worked without health and safety laws and many died on the field working day and night to make sure this country benefits.”

He told former Petrotrin workers to be prepared to go back to work, where they will be gainfully employed for a decent wage.

The labour movement, he said, is the only voice to speak out against the injustice of this government which he claimed is all about satisfying its own interests.


"Workers in May Day march"

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