What is indecision costing you right now?


I remember the day I started negotiating with myself regarding my commitment to walking daily. I figured, “what difference would one day make?” That one day slipped to two, then a week and then my walks became sporadic.

I had recently completed walking every day, 10,000 steps a day for three months. I had lost 20 pounds and was looking good and feeling great.

I believe that once I hit my original goal, I should have set another goal. Created a different “thing to work towards” beyond losing weight, since I had achieved my goal weight. That’s the thing when you attain what you set out to achieve. Complacency could set in and without something to pull us forward we gradually lose steam.

At all times in our lives we need to create a game worth playing that is meaningful to us at core.

In business, most of us focus on the work, and the pain involved in the activity.

We prefer to continue going as we are going especially if we are getting by. We prefer comfort, doing the same things over and over, even though we aren’t getting the results we are after.

Noah Fleming, author of the book Evergreen shares a conversation he recently had with one of his customers.

“You know, I almost made this mistake. When you first gave me your proposal, I immediately thought of half a dozen excuses for me to avoid it. It was expensive. I had other things on my plate. It would require me to invest time and make some uncomfortable changes. And if I’d listened to those excuses, my personal net worth and business value would be a heck of a lot lower today.”

We often don’t think of our rationalisations as excuses but that’s precisely what they are.

I found the following paragraph intriguing in the book Zero Resistance Selling, by Maxwell Maltz, famous plastic surgeon, who shows how we can use psycho cybernetic techniques in sales.

Call reluctance, procrastination, avoidance, describe it as you wish, but it is all symptomatic of inner turmoil rather than inner calm; of insecurity rather than confidence; of an “argument” between your aspirations, intentions and true self-image.

At the seat of manifestation is belief, and if you don’t believe that you can, you won’t. If you don’t believe it’s possible, then it won’t be possible.

Putting off making a change is easy and easy to justify. However, what is the delay costing you?

I’ve found that clients pay a steeper price following a delay than they would have paid me to help/work with them. Like my granny would say, “Penny wise and pound foolish.” I am not admonishing anyone because we are all adults. However, I am asking you to seriously consider what delaying on a decision is costing you right now.

Change is expensive. It can sometimes be time consuming, but often times it is absolutely necessary. It’s like not fixing a cavity when it first appears and leaving it until when you finally visit the dentist you need to have a root canal.

I stole these from Noah’s challenge this week because I think we can all spend time contemplating our responses. Give yourself two minutes to answer these questions as honestly as you can.

How confident am I that I am or that my sales team is following an effective process with 100 per cent of their leads?

How confident am I that none of our existing clients are feeling like they’ve “slipped through the cracks?”

How confident am I that my sales and marketing teams are working together smoothly, rather than getting in each other's way?

How confident am I in my client attraction process?

How confident am I that I am doing the highest impact activities possible every day?

How confident am I that my people are doing the highest impact activities possible every day?

How confident am I that my managers and front-line people can effectively coach and mentor others to improve performance?

How confident am I in my own coaching abilities?

If you think that any of those areas can be improved, then why haven’t you made a decision to fix them yet?

You already know you’ll need external help (otherwise it would have been taken care of already).

So, what’s stopping you?

Today is the day you stop dreaming about it and start doing the things you know you’re capable of doing that will make it happen. For your free copy of How to stop putting off the things you want most, send an email to possibility2profit@gmail.com


"What is indecision costing you right now?"

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