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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Race messsad and concerning

THE EDITOR: The race dilemma facing our country is very sad and concerning at the same time. What have we become as a country where race appears to be a weapon we continue to use to degrade others?

We are completely divided by race where politics is concerned. No one wants to hear of the pertinent issues facing the country. Instead we continue to defend our tribal thinking that justifies this racist behaviour.

Being from a mixed-race family and never hearing racial slurs in my house, I am extremely baffled at what our country has become. We are a rich, culturally diverse country, yet we continue to place emphasis on the two dominant races as though no others exists.

I feel sorry for the children growing up in this hostile environment as one is not born a racist but rather is taught racism. The efforts we are making to defend racism should instead be spent on finding solutions for the many issues plaguing our country.


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