A road to boost tourism

THE EDITOR: I certainly agree that Trinidad needs to build new roads. But we need to also upgrade existing roads in different parts of the country which to the driving public seems far away. It is not so much the distance but the poor state of our roads that makes the journey seem so remote.

In October 2016, I wrote a letter to the newspapers telling the Government I was in agreement with the completion of the highway to Point Fortin, the Wallerfield to Manzanilla highway, the San Fernando to Mayaro highway, and a new road to Chaguaramas.

However, I was not in favour of a highway from Valencia to Toco. I am in favour of upgrading the Valencia road to a four-lane highway leading to a widened, upgraded Toco Main Road. This upgraded road would go to Toco, San Souci, Grande Riviere and Matelot, changing the lives of the people in those areas.

I would welcome the new Toco port with all the modern facilities not only for Trinidadians but for tourist holidaying in Tobago who have the option of taking the ferry from Tobago to Toco. They would be able to hire a bus or taxi to drive along the scenic Toco Main Road with the options of spending the day in Toco and its environments, or travelling to Sangre Grande to do some shopping, or even a drive to Manzanilla or Mayaro.

Imagine the Government encouraging large hotel conglomerates to invest in Mayaro with its long, wide and beautiful beach (not forgetting that Mayaro breeze) and offering hotel guests the choice of going to Tobago for a day or more via the ferry.

GERARD DUVAL, Petit Valley


"A road to boost tourism"

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