Woefully unattractive strategy of the UNC

THE EDITOR: The cringe-worthy behaviour of Senator Wade Mark in sittings of the Senate is now doing more harm than good for the image of the United National Congress-led Opposition.

Stuttering, stalling and shrieking his way through the Senate sittings, he comes across as if mandated to be as offensive as possible while posing queries to everything in Parliament.

Close on his heels we have a female senator displaying behaviour that refutes her many years of experience in politics. She is sometimes rude and unnecessarily confrontational. Why? What is the point? Who is impressed?

The sitting Opposition needs to urgently get a grip on an out-of-control public image. Nonsensical arguments make the UNC look silly.

How can the coast guard be blamed for the drowning of fishermen who go to sea without life jackets? Or even men going fishing in boats that are incompatible for use in rough seas? Why is the Government found to be uncaring and needing to be replaced if the drowned fishermen cannot be found withing 24 hours?

Making anti-government noises without any sense or substance is time-wasting and shockingly poor strategising.

Can it be safely said that all the PNM needs do is sit quietly and wait to be voted back into office in 2020? Is there a Plan B on tap from the UNC besides senseless yapping?



"Woefully unattractive strategy of the UNC"

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