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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Driver accused of stealing 103 bales of toilet paper

A TRUCK driver was accused of stealing 103 bales of toilet paper from the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation.

This was reported as officials of the corporation as well as officials of Princes Town Regional Corporation and Local Government Ministry met with the Joint Select Committee (JSC) on Local Authorities Wednesday at the Parliament building.

JSC vice chairman Ramona Ramdial asked about "some misappropriation" of toilet paper by a corporation driver and what disciplinary action was taken.

Corporation CEO Ashmead Mohammed said the incident occurred a year ago and it was anticipated that with the "glaring evidence" the matter would have been dealt with by the municipal police. He said, however, that a week before the submissions to the JSC, a new inspector informed the corporation the period to lay charges had expired and no action could be taken.

Ramdial asked if the driver still worked for the corporation and Mohammed confirmed he did. He also reported the driver was currently the subject of another investigation, this time into his behaviour to members of the public and reckless driving. He reported the investigation tribunal has completed its work and a pronouncement would be made in a week.

JSC chairman Varma Deyalsingh asked the cause of the delay in the initial charge. Mohammed replied the previous inspector did not feel the CEO was his supervisor, though it was always the clear demarcation that municipal police fall under the corporation and the CEO as the municipal head.

Ministry Permanent Secretary Jennifer Daniel confirmed that the CEO is responsible for the municipal police and when someone challenges that authority it is up to the CEO to treat with the matter.

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