Contrite ‘zesser’ says sorry to police

Omario “Rhino” Brooks of Riseland Trace, Bethel, has sent a heartfelt apology to the people of TT, the police and Commissioner Gary Griffith, after he was recorded lying on a police SUV claiming to be a “zesser.”

The police vehicle, belonging to the Crown Point police station, was parked at the Store Bay beach facility on Tuesday when Brooks was recorded on the bonnet saying, “I going to carry it and wash it down just now. Allyuh feel is Trinidad alone? We bad in ‘Bago too. Allyuh see how zessers does do it.”

In another video posted on social media today, Brooks was at the Crown Point police station and sincerely apologised for his actions.

He said, “I did something that was highly disrespectful to the citizens of TT and also to the police service. While officers were on patrol, I did wrong, I did not do this on rank; I did not do this on fame.”

Brooks went on to say he was ashamed of his action and for bringing embarrassment to his friends and family in Tobago.

“I am sorry with all my heart and this will never be done by me again and I am pleading to the citizens of TT to respect the police service because they are working very hard to protect you. Please respect Gary Griffith, because he is doing a good job cleaning up the island and making sure we are safe.”

In another video, Brooks voluntarily washed another police vehicle. He stressed that he was not forced but believed it was right to do so as part of his apology.


"Contrite ‘zesser’ says sorry to police"

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