Women love ganja over Easter weekend

CASES in the San Fernando Magistrates’ court yesterday saw more women than men appearing for possession of marijuana during the Easter weekend.

Farisha Mohammed, 33, of South Oropouche, pleaded guilty before senior magistrate Jo-Ann Connor to having two packets of the drug hidden in her bra.

Police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan said WPC Swahra Renne searched Mohammed, who was in a car at about 4.20 pm on Easter Monday at Tarouba, near San Fernando.When Renne questioned her about the packets, Mohammed replied, “Officer, I was carrying that for my girlfriend in Couva.”

It weighed 27.8 grammes.

Connor asked her why she was risking her hitherto good criminal record for a friend, Mohammed, a cook, said, “She does normally buy she thing for she self.”Connor finded her $2,000 or four months in prison.

Maria John was given 40 hours of community service for possession of a small packet of marijuana on Easter Monday. She was held at Daisy Road, Ste Madeleine, at about 1.20 pm.

After she pleaded guilty, Connor asked her to explain why she had it and John said, “I was going on the beach to relax.”

Angelann Cerland, 23, pleaded guilty to having nine grammes of marijuana and Nichelle Williams, 44, one gramme. They were held at their Cypress Hill, Union Hall Gardens apartment, San Fernando, on Sunday. PC Ramdass led a party of police to their apartment, Seedan said, , and when he confronted Cerland about a packet of the drug found in a bedroom, she replied, “Ifed up tell him doh put marijuana in my dresser.”

When Ramdass and other police officers told Williams they had a warrant, Williams said, “Officer, all we have is a lil piece of ganja.”

Connor fined Cerland $750, and reprimanded and discharged Williams.


"Women love ganja over Easter weekend"

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