Venezuelans getting fresh?

THE EDITOR: There is a mile of difference between the words “getting fresh” and “dangerously aggressive behaviour.”

Venezuelan women attacking the police in Fyzabad can only mean that the Government might be making a mistake and, as we call it in local parlance, “showing too much nice face.”

The reported and recorded confrontations must be nipped in the bud forthwith. They cannot be repeated. I ask yet again: How many Venezuelans will be allowed into TT?

There is a general election carded for next year and a local government election due this year. Already the fake news media are saying 150,000 Venezuelans will be given IDs to allow for voter padding.

Is this advance scaremongering so that these elections can be deemed illegal? Dare I say that Guaido’s luck in Venezuela is not sitting the Opposition’s luck in TT?



"Venezuelans getting fresh?"

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