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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Welcome to Abbytopia


At six years old Abigail Subrath has been doing something about the monumental problem protecting the ocean in her own little way for the past three years. For her, protecting the oceans is a lifelong mission and her parents have helped her turn her passion into a movement to inspire others to do the same.

The Abbytopia of Hope Foundation was formed when Abigail’s mother, Maria Subrath noticed that during trips to the beach, Abigail would pick up the garbage on on the shore to properly dispose of them. After showing that initiative at such a young age, they decided to start the foundation. The non-profit organisation’s work is focused on educating children on the diverse ecosystems that live in the waters surrounding TT, areas of conservation and how to curb the pollution taking place. “We help the less fortunate and educate people about marine life” said Abigail. “It is important to me to take care of marine life and to take care of the ocean.” She explained that the foundation also helps underprivileged children get school supplies, as well as hosts workshops at the Chaguanas library on reducing marine pollution and the different types of animals and organisms that live in the waters around the country that are affected by pollution.

Abigail Subrath, right, and her mother Maria at the 1 2 3 Kids Expo in Tacarigua on April 23.

Abigail’s mother explained that they are currently working on a project to replant corals in Charlottesville, Tobago, and are in the process of researching and getting approvals for the project, which they hope to kickstart this year by July. With the help of family and friends, corporate sponsors and friendly volunteers, the foundation often hosts beach clean up events at beaches throughout the country. Abigail has a love for animals that she thoroughly enjoys sharing with others and her empathy for animals moves her forward. “When you litter, the garbage goes into the water and fish eat it and die. I don’t like it when they die,” she told Newsday Kids. When she grows up she hopes to continue her work with the foundation, and has aspirations of becoming a marine biologist and the captain of a cruise ship.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help Abigail on her mission to save the TT beaches can visit her Facebook page to get more information on upcoming project and events.

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