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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Kites take to the sky at Queen’s Park Savannah

KITE PILOT:  Three-year-old Kelise Dyer focused intently on flying her kite yesterday at the Queen's Park Savannah.   PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE
KITE PILOT: Three-year-old Kelise Dyer focused intently on flying her kite yesterday at the Queen's Park Savannah. PHOTO BY ANGELO MARCELLE

THE Ramsahai family of Longdenville, who won last year’s most innovative kite, looked on in horror as two months of hard work came crashing down yesterday.

The family, who have been taking part in the Caribbean Lifestyle Communications’ annual kite flying competition since its inception in 1999, hoped to win the best mad bull category with their 20-foot kite celebrating two decades of tradition. The kite became entangled with another and, instead of the wind, gravity took control and the kite came to a crashing halt. Although obviously upset, the family’s spirits were not dampened as they participated in other categories including the best Newsday kite.

INDEPENDENT AND CREDIBLE: Avanelle Alexander shows off her winning Newsday kite at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain yesterday. PHOTO BY KIRAN MAHARAJ

Speaking with the media just before the competition began, managing director of Caribbean Lifestyle Communication, Kiran Maharaj, said the event keeps growing each year. She said the initial idea was birthed to show that families that play together stay together. She said while it may be thought that kite flying is dying, the aim is to let it remain a favourite of TT’s culture. She said 200 contestants participated in the competition which included the best cheekie chong, most colourful Caribbean Airlines kite, best Dairy Dairy box kite, best mad bull, most innovative kite, best Cheezees kite, best 90.5 FM kite and best Newsday kite.

Competitors were judged on the stability of the kite in the air, originality and visibility.

While some were not interested in kite flying, there was live entertainment from Raymond Ramnarine and his band Dil-E-Nadan, Kess the illusionist and DJs. Families from all over TT came, not only to compete but enjoy each other’s company laying on the grass/dirt near the north stand of the Queen’s Park Savannah.

In the best cheekie chong category, Sanjeev Singh placed first. Sherin Mohammed took the top position in the most colourful Caribbean Airlines segment, and Suresh Anthony took gold in the best Dairy Dairy box kite category. Winner of the best mad bull went to Jason Juanetty, while Penny Mahase took home gold in the most innovative kite. The best Cheezees kite went to Justin Tambie while Nigel Hosein won the best 90.5 FM kite leaving Avanelle Alexander to take home the best Newsday kite.

Maharaj said last year there was a 42-foot mad bull, so the Ramsahai’s 20-foot was not the largest she saw, although it was huge compared to the competitors. The Ramsahai’s, last year, had a 47-foot octopus and with it they won the most innovative kite category.

After being declared winner of the Newsday category of the competition, Alexander said her kite featured some part of all Newsday’s publications. She described it as a “small and compact powerhouse of everything Newsday.

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