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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Moruga/Tableland MP says development happening in constituency

Dr Lovell Francis
Dr Lovell Francis

MORUGA/ TABLELAND MP Dr Lovell Francis has described claims by the Opposition UNC that government was neglecting the rural constituency as “absurd.” He says the ruling PNM administration has “kept every election promise save the commencement of the Moruga Fishing facility which is awaiting EMA approval to begin construction.”At a recent Monday night meeting held in Moruga, former parliamentarian Clifton De Coteau said it's time to return the constituency to the fold of the UNC as it is being neglected under the present government.

But, in a series of WhatsApp messages, Francis said progress was taking place in Moruga at an “unprecedented” pace and cited several road rehabilitation and landslip repair projects. He said a 2016 Ministry of Works survey regarding upgrades to the Moruga Road had identified 29 landslips between Petit Cafe and Marac. He said that number has since been upgraded to 45 with quite a few under repair at this time, while the rest are slated to start very soon along with new bridges at Basseterre and La Lune.

“This is a lengthy process, but it is integral to ensuring a road surface that will last.”He said another landslip repair was also taking place on the Moruga Road in Cachipe with accommodations being made for WASA to relocate its lines in a way that will prevent a recurrence of having to excavate the roads to repair the lines. And regarding flooding which inundated several areas last year, he said the Defence Force has offered its assistance to alleviate flooding in key areas from Gaffoor Trace in Tableland to La Rufin in Moruga.

“The notion that nothing is happening here to uplift this constituency is absurd. The evidence of what is being done is plain to see and only the most myopic would miss it.”He said also under construction is the Moruga youth facility.

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