Swim dresses to cover up

Khadija Glasgow the accidental designer.
Khadija Glasgow the accidental designer.

KHADIJA GLASGOW is a creative industry and media professional. She is known in various circles in different capacities, some know her as an actress, dancer and educator. She is also a radio and television producer and presenter and even artistes manager and creative consultant.

Glasgow believes as long as you are functioning in the creative industry you find yourself well-rounded functioning in various facets.

In addition to all the above Glasgow loves to dress up but is a very conservative dresser.

She is now the proud owner of Cicily Swim Line a venture which came about quite by accident several years ago.

She says, “I prefer to have my body covered. I have worked as a marketing and creative consultant for a major local brand DAWW Creations and I am the brand ambassador for two other local brands Angel Glow Designs and Shoeaholics.”

Glasgow hosted/emceed several fashion shows including TT Fashion Week and Fame Caribbean so some people see her as being in the thick in the fashion industry. Truth be told she is just that –an emcee or host, nothing more.

Awesome foursome in full flight.

Being a conservative dresser also extended to swimsuits and her passion for conservative swimwear catapulted her into the fashion industry.

“Because I don’t like my body exposed even when getting into the water, I started to make my own swimsuits. Ideally I called them swim dresses,” said the diminutive Glasgow.

Khadija all wrapped up.

“Everytime I wore one of my creations people would ask me where I got it. I simply told them I made it for myself. After a while people started asking me to make swimsuits for them and I always said 'yes' but never took it seriously.”

According to Glasgow that was until her mentor, Dexter Musgrave asked her about the swimsuits she was making. She said her simple reply was “I working on them.” His response was “Great I am happy you are being the solution to a problem.”

Andrea Sorzano wears a two-piece swimsuit titled Khadija.

Glasgow believes that was the moment the idea became a reality for her to design and be persistent with it. “While it was accidental, it is fashion with a purpose, the thought of accommodating women like myself, being the solution to a problem, sent me full speed ahead to creating and owning the process and my God took care of the rest.”

Glasgow said she spent some time doing extensive research and is now mixing her own fabric while designing her fabric patterns with the help of professionals such as Ray Wong of USA Intricate Concepts and Jean David Baptiste.

Nakasa Thatcher-Roberts in Charen.

Cicily Swim Line the brand is here for women who prefer to maintain coverage even when going swimming, it is here to remind women with a keen sense of self who are modest and conservative that there are swimsuit designers who think about them and encourage them to feel and be beautiful without going the hyper sexual way of the world.

Glasgow said, “People are already expressing excitement about the uniqueness of the fabric patterns and how fast the swim dresses dry because of the fabric used. Cicily Swim Line is here to make everybody feel beautiful.

“Each design has a personality and DNA of its own and named after one of my friends and can be found in retail stores locally and on social media where they can be purchased and delivered.”


"Swim dresses to cover up"

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