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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Priest: Don’t discriminate against Venezuelans

Hundreds turned out at the Way of the Cross Procession which took place on the San Fernando Hill today. Photo by Ansel Jebodh
Hundreds turned out at the Way of the Cross Procession which took place on the San Fernando Hill today. Photo by Ansel Jebodh

RC priest Fr David Khan is urging citizens to stop discriminating against Venezuelans, but instead humble themselves by doing what is right and help those who are seeking refuge in our country.

“We are to become like Simon of Cyrene and help those who carry their crosses. We need to support the migrants and refugees. We need to be like Veronica, and those in tears and suffering (we must) wipe their faces.”

In the Bible, Simon was made to carry Jesus’ cross before his crucifixion, and Veronica was the woman who wiped Jesus’ face as he carried the cross.

Khan was speaking at San Fernando Hill after the annual Good Friday stations of the cross walk.

Reminding people gathered that our national anthem says “every creed and race find an equal place”, Khan said we must treat everyone equally as Jesus would do.

“My dear brothers and sisters, the right path is always the right path. And as long as you stay on the right path we will experience grace and mercy.”

He said if an individual is on the wrong path they will never reach their destination. “We follow the example of Jesus, and in our falling there is rising. Each and every one of us has fallen many different times. Our leaders and those in authority need to recognise that in order to rise up and bring about something new, we all need to humble ourselves.”

He said our country was named after the Trinity and we are blessed with great gifts and talent. Khan said it was our duty to help others. “A new day will dawn, and the new day will dawn when we look at one another and we do not see colour of skin, we do not see nationality, status or money in our bank account. But what we will see are brothers and sisters.”

Also joining the hundreds of men, women, and children MP for San Fernando East and Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell who carried a cross up the hill during the procession.

MP for San Fernando East Randall Mitchell carries a cross up the San Fernando Hill during the Way of the Cross Procession. Photo by Ansel Jebodh

Speaking with reporters at the end of the walk, Mitchell also made reference to the issue of illegal immigrants in the country. He advised citizens to ask themselves the question, “What would Jesus do in such a situation?”

Mitchell said once you accept the teachings of Jesus you do what is right.

“The government would have taken steps to develop a mechanism to treat with the migrant problem in a humane way and give them an opportunity to earn a living while here for a specific period of time.”

He said the government seeks to assist only law-abiding Venezuelans who are looking for a better life. He too urged citizens to do what is right in the way they treat the Venezuelans.

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