Campers robbed in Chaguaramas

A senior police officer in the Western Division is urging the public to exercise caution as they visit the beaches over the Easter weekend after a family of campers were robbed in Chaguaramas early yesterday.

Police said one of the campers was asleep in his Nissan AD Wagon, with the door open, along the beach front when he was was awakened by a blow to the side of his head.

He saw three men standing outside the car, one armed with a cutlass, who threw him out of the car and into the tent his parents were sleeping in nearby.

They ordered them to hand over the car keys and they drove away with the car.

A report was made and Carenage police arrived on the scene.

Newsday spoke to a senior officer in the Western Division who said while various stations and agencies are working to ensure safety and security of visitors, he urged the public to be cautious during outdoor activities.

"Travel in groups and try to secure your valuables. Report any suspicious activities to us as you see it and don't try to be a hero in dangerous situations, call the police and we will respond."


"Campers robbed in Chaguaramas"

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