President: Persevere, stand firm

President Paula-Mae Weekes
President Paula-Mae Weekes

EASTER reminds Christians and non-Christians alike to persevere and stand firm for what they believe.

All should resolve to be like Jesus Christ.

His humility and grace demonstrated by his death and resurrection, as well as his resolve, temperament, and lessons of love and selflessness should influence people’s interactions at home, in their communities and workplaces.

President Paula-Mae Weekes made the statement in her message to the nation on the occasion of Easter.

She said, “This is the season that epitomises renewed hope in the midst of despair and the possibility of redemption through great effort and sacrifice.

The story of Easter also enables us to have faith for the future despite our current circumstances. We are encouraged to overcome crisis and affliction, both on the personal level and collectively, as a nation.”

She said during Lent and Easter Christians were called to engage in sober contemplation and self-restraint so that in the face of overwhelming tribulation they could, like Christ, be determined in their course.

Weekes also noted that Christ’s death secured the promise of everlasting life and reconciliation with God, and his resurrection was “a source of eternal hope and salvation and represents the fulfilment of God’s promise to mankind.” She wished everyone a safe and peaceful Easter.


"President: Persevere, stand firm"

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