Police raid TV Jaagriti

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POLICE raided the premises of TV Jaagriti yesterday morning hours after attorneys for the television station’s parent company – Central Broadcasting Services – delivered a pre-action protocol letter to the Telecommunications Authority of TT (TATT) accusing the authority of abusing its authority.

The television station has also denied broadcasting any content which were “divisive, inciteful, inappropriate, or derogatory to Tobagonians.”

Lawyers for CBS and Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha secretary general Satnarayan Maharaj said about nine policemen descended on the television station, at about 11 am, this morning, claiming to have a warrant but refused to provide them with a copy.

They left with copies of recordings of television programmes broadcast on April 16, although TATT’s letters to CBS sought copies of recording of programmes shown on TV Jaagriti on April 15.

The station’s lawyers have threatened to seek an injunction from the High Court preventing TATT from taking any action against their clients, if TATT did not reconsider its decision and rescind the findings of its second letter sent on Wednesday.

Maharaj was seen in a video captured on a television progamme allegedly accused Tobagonians of not working, racing goats and crabs, targeting white women on beaches and robbing and raping them.

He has since been condemned for his statements which were shared extensively on social media.


"Police raid TV Jaagriti"

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