Let's Read encourages children to read again

With fast advancing technology children are surrounding with all types of gadgets including smartphones, iPhones, iPads and iBooks. Long gone are the days when one would see children with an actual book, with pages, looking at pictures and sounding out letters trying to form words.

Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) Let's Read, in collaboration with the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA), yesterday launched the Book a Baby programme at the Children's Assessment Unit (CAU), Barataria, to encourage children to start reading books again.

This partnership creates functioning school libraries with access to high-quality books that catered to the needs of every student. Lets Read has partnered with and continues to support over 25 primary schools since its formation in 2010.

When visiting the doctor one can see various magazines and books available in the waiiting room to help the patient pass the time, but corporate communications officer at the NWRHA Anesa Alleyne said there was nothing of interest for children.

Let's Read will be providing reading material for children from infants to 16-year-olds. The organisation has been woorking with the Education Ministry providing books for primary schools.


"Let's Read encourages children to read again"

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