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Tuesday 10 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Let's make Maracasbeautiful once more

THE EDITOR: As someone who has been going to Maracas Beach since the sixties, I have seen many changes over the years. The road to Maracas has deteriorated with lots of potholes and the lookout where you would stop to take pictures or admire the wonderful views is now overrun with vendors.

As you arrive at Maracas the road that runs parallel to the beach has been widened but that has not solved the traffic problem as you still have to stop to let people who have parked in the car park cross the road to get to the beach. And those who don’t want to pay now park their vehicles on both sides of the widened road, causing more confusion.

A bypass road was supposed to be constructed to avoid this problem and that road also would have taken you to the car park. The widened road should be for pedestrians, with plants nicely placed along it and it with a few mobile vendors.

There are new elevated washrooms on the eastern side of the beach open to the public. Renovation of the washrooms on the western side were stopped a few months ago but what I have noticed is that the flooring of the washrooms are at the same level as the beach which in the past caused them to flood as sand would get into the drainage lines and the water from the showers could not get out.

I hope the people in charge would take note, fix the road and make Maracas beautiful again.

GERARD DUVAL, Petit Valley

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