Unsure about Tobago Jazz

THE EDITOR: It is less than two weeks before the hosting of the Tobago Jazz Experience, which is not very much time for Trinidadians wishing to attend to finalise arrangements to do so, in consideration of the hardships in travel between the two islands.

Despite the award of a contract valued half a million dollars for the marketing of the event, I am still at a loss as to who the headline acts are and on which night they will be performing. Rumours are swirling that Toni Braxton and Michael Bolton will be appearing but can we really feel assured of that?

If one is to judge from the advertisement appearing in the daily newspapers there is actually no show listed for the night of April 26. Is this deliberate or an oversight? Are the two advertised artistes really contracted and if so on which nights will they be appearing?

I have been a regular attendee at the Tobago Jazz since it was in Plymouth and despite challenges to exit Pigeon Point, I still attend annually. Braxton is one of my favourite female vocalists and I will be in Tobago for the weekend, but I do not intend to commit to any show until I am assured of her appearance, which unfortunately I am not as yet.



"Unsure about Tobago Jazz"

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