Maintenance at Shark River resume

Water gushes over rocks at Shark River.
Water gushes over rocks at Shark River.

Despite not getting official authorisation from the forestry division, Jose Marcano of the St Helena/Matelot Farmers on the Move organisation, today, said he has a documents claiming Shark River is private property.

On March 14, senior officials from the Forestry Division stopped his group from maintaining the nature park.

In a telephone interview, Marcano told Newsday the group was given a copy of the cadastral sheet of Shark River from the owner.

Marcano said the group will now continue to maintain the nature park.

“Visitors have the area in a horrible mess. I am appealing to those who visit the area, please work with us to keep Shark River clean. "Shark River is a beautiful place. If we do not work together we will lose one of this country’s most beautiful nature park.”


"Maintenance at Shark River resume"

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