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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Mr Mayor, the market needs your attention

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THE EDITOR: I have been a regular visitor to the Central Market off the Beetham Highway, Port of Spain, for nearly 50 years.

During that time I have purchased very affordable and good quality fruit, vegetables and fish there.

I have also made friends with several vendors over the years and look forward to chatting with them whenever I visit the market.

Now for the not so good part. If you took a snapshot of the area in 1970 and compared it to what exists today, there would be little difference.

The car park remains way too small for the number of regular customers, while both the parking and shopping areas are littered with the most awful garbage (wet and dry) of all kinds.

Even worse than that is the fact that patrons are allowed to drive through the outer perimeter of the market while people are shopping.

I have been hit by many wing mirrors on vehicles, some of whom were travelling at over ten mph. It is simply beyond ridiculous to allow people to drive and shop while sharing the same space.

Come on, Mr Mayor, end this dangerous practice now. Also clean up the market and find a way to keep it clean. Then fix the washrooms and maintain them properly.

Every foreign visitor I have taken to the Beetham Market has been appalled at the filthy conditions there, in a place where food products are being sold.

Finally, can the police attached to the market make a show of their presence on a regular basis, as much cash is exchanged during market hours. They could also help in getting area residents to utilise the recently installed walkover, as from my observations most of them are still walking across the road when the traffic lights turn red.



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