Trendsetter Hawks hit Crown Trace for six

KAIHIM THOMAS notched a hat-trick as Trendsetter Hawks trounced Crown Trace FC 6-0 on Saturday, in the Elite Under-17 division, as the 2019 Republic Bank Youth League kicked off.

At the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Thomas struck in the 26th, 30th and 69th minutes.

Jude-Anthony Johnson scored in the 55th minute, while Luke Williams (57th) and Malachi Celestine (65th) chipped in with one apiece for Trendsetter Hawks.

Carlyle Thomas and Lebron Newton each scored twice as Marabella FCC cruised past Queen’s Park Football Academy 4-1.

Thomas got his name on the scoresheet in the 28th and 62nd minutes, while Newton netted in the 60th and 69th. Jerome Dupraz got the lone item for Queen’s Park Football Academy, in the 52nd.

Jaric Titans were not in a generous mood as they whipped Giving Back FC 3-0.

Tyrell Waheed broke the deadlock in the sixth minute, with Daniel Richards getting the second goal in the 19th and Justin Myrie completing the scoring in the 31st.

In the other Elite Under-17 match on Saturday, Keshon De La Rosa scored twice, in the 34th and 80th minutes, as Prisons FC defeated Petit Valley/Diego Martin United 2-0.

Action will continue this weekend with Under-13 fixtures on the agenda.

Other Results –

Saturday (at Queen’s Park Savannah) –

Under-11 North Zone –

QUEEN’S PARK FOOTBALL ACADEMY (11) – Seth Hadeed 4th, 24th; Samuel Smyth 10th, 11th; Caden Trestrail 11th, 23rd; Benjamin Harrigan 34th, 36th; Finn De Freitas 35th; Lucas Simon-Thompson 42nd; Rosco Lovelace 43rd vs TRENDSETTER HAWKS II (0).

PRO SERIES (2) – Ryan Rodrigues; Javed Clarke vs FOOTBALL FACTORY (0).

TRENDSETTER HAWKS I (5) – Jahseem Celestine 14th, 27th; Jaden Samuel 15th; Mariah Williams 28th; Jaseem Pierre vs LAVENTILLE UNITED (0).

ROSARY BOYS FC (3) – Nickel Pierre 3rd; Jaydon Joseph 18th, 27th vs TT MAESTROS (1) – Kymani Hutchings 4th.

TRENDSETTER HAWKS I (10) – Malcom Young 6th; Josiah Lee 10th; Jahseem Celestine 22nd, 26th, 27th; Jaseem Pierre 28th, 30th, 40th; Jaquan Phillip 45th, 47th vs TRENDSETTER HAWKS II (1) – Tyrese Wells 15th.

Under-15 North Zone –

RSSR (1) – Josiah Isaac 63rd vs SANTA CRUZ UNITED (0).

LAVENTILLE UNITED (1) – Ezekiel Jacob 59th vs TT MAESTROS (1) – Nehemiah Augustus 64th.

TRENDSETTER HAWKS I (6) – Shakeem Garcia 4th; Renard Frederick 41st; Xavion Haynes 59th; Christon Calder 60th; Jameel Hassan 63rd, 68th vs TRENDSETTER HAWKS II (0).

QUEEN’S PARK FOOTBALL ACADEMY (4) – Zane Marshall 33rd, 35th, 58th, 59th vs NORTH COAST SCC (0).

Sunday (at Aranguez Savannah) –

Under-11 East Zone –

MATURA UNITED (1) – Omari Thomas 39th vs CROWN TRACE (1) – Kervon George 31st.

SKHY FC (4) – Kanye Eastman 2; Jakwan Howell; Chad Miguel vs MARACAS FC (0).

FEBEAU GOVERNMENT (2) – Michael Greenaway 19th, 41st vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (1) – Javon Alleyne 47th.

FC GINGA (2) – Ky-mani Hazel 8th; Evan Ross 40th vs DIEM SPORT ACADEMY (1) – Phillip Nelson 6th.

Under-15 East Zone –

TRINCITY NATIONALS (2) – Omari Flaunders 48th; Caleb Hill 63rd vs MALABAR YOUNG STARS (0).

FC SANTA ROSA (3) – J’Lani Matthews 8th, 81st; Hudhaifa Hassib 36th vs SKHY FC (1) – Darrion Marfan.

COOPER’S COACHING ACADEMY (5) – Raheem Henry 4th, 28th, 42nd; Kyle Clark 11th; Avon Ragoonansingh 70th vs DIEM SPORTING ACADEMY (2) – Niem Thomas 51st; David Lewis 70th.


"Trendsetter Hawks hit Crown Trace for six"

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