Jail for trying to impress woman

Che'o Sandy, 20, of Pleasantville will spend three months in jail for an offence he committed while trying to impress a woman.

The sentence was handed down in the Traffic Court, San Fernando on Wednesday after he was arrested the day before at about 9.15 pm driving at Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre.

Sandy pleaded guilty before magistrate Anslem Leander to driving while not being the holder of a licence, driving without insurance and failing to produce the documents.

Police prosecutor Sgt Harold Ishamael told the court that Cpl Brian Julien stopped Sandy and asked him to hand over his driving documents. He said he was never issued a driver’s licence.

Asked why he chose to commit such an offence again when in 2017 he was disqualified for a similar offence, Sandy told Leander that he was trying to impress a woman. Leander ordered Sandy to serve three months in jail for each offence, but ordered the sentences run concurrently. He will serve only three months.


"Jail for trying to impress woman"

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