CAL investigations on airport accident completed

Airplane Stock Photo
Airplane Stock Photo

The Caribbean Airlines  internal investigation into the accident involving an ATR aircraft at the Piarco International airport on March 6 has been completed.

Dionne Ligoure, head of corporate communications, told Newsday by e-mail, “The ATR team has completed its assessments and repairs are to begin shortly.”

The aircraft’s nose was badly damaged while it was being taxied to the hangar for maintenance around 11.15 pm. Preliminary reports pointed to a malfunctioning braking system as the reason for the collision. Eyewitnesses told Newsday the plane lost all power and began drifting on the runway before colliding with a wall near the domestic passenger waiting area. No one was injured and the plane was not in service at the time.

Responding to an urgent question in Parliament hours after the incident, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said the aircraft was insured and the only loss would be the usual deductible, after announcing a US$1 million estimate for repairs.


"CAL investigations on airport accident completed"

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